We Care About Our Costumers

Everyone wants to know who they are letting into their homes and offices…

When you call AM/PM Heating and Cooling in Vancouver, WA you get:

Safety Certified HVAC Technicians

All of our technicians are safety-certified, which means that they have undergone nation-wide background checks, are drug tested and professionally trained for safety procedures. They proudly wear the Technician Seal of Safety badge on their shirts. An identification tag is also included on their uniforms for your assurance that they truly work as technicians for AM/PM Heating & Cooling.

Care and Respect for your Home

Before any of our technicians enter your home, they safeguard your floors by wearing Floor Savers on their shoes. There will be no muddy, dirty tracks on your floors. Moreover, before leaving your home, they clean up any mess that may be left behind from the repair after their jobs are done. Apart from the service you called in, technicians will give you consideration in terms of your health, safety and savings. For instance, heat pumps repair in Vancouver, Washington will be managed in such a way that you do not have to worry about toxic emissions, and furnace install in Vancouver, Washington, is meticulously handled to ensure that the area is properly ventilated and the equipment is running smoothly and efficiently. Whether or not you are around to monitor our technicians, you do not have to worry because we make sure they respect your home and your privacy all throughout the duration of our service.

Up Front Guide for Residential HVAC Pricing

We put our company name on the line every time we provide a service. Whenever we conduct business, we always give an honest answer to all of our client’s questions. When you call and schedule an appointment, the technician will go to your residence, diagnose the problem and tell you the price of all the necessary repairs before any job is started. We guarantee you that when you employ our services, there will be no hidden fees, whether the job is a furnace install in Vancouver, Washington, heat pumps repair in Vancouver, Washington, or any other service we are honored to provide for you.

Safety Inspection

A safety inspection is done for every single maintenance service conducted by our people. We do not only perform a simple maintenance routine on your unit, but we also make sure that your heating or cooling system is hazard-free, and running smoothly and efficiently.

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