24 Hour Emergency Service!

(360) 254-2470

You can always count on AM/PM Heating and Cooling to be there whenever you need us. 

A breakdown of your heating or cooling system never happens at a convenient time. You can always count on AM/PM Heating and Cooling to be there whenever you need us. We offer a 24-hour Emergency Service.

Task Force for Senior Citizens and the Disabled.

We have an Emergency Response Team intended to help the elderly, Ill and homebound during extreme weather. In a pioneering strategy aimed at protecting city residents from the extremes of weather, we announced that we have formed a technical swat team to respond to heating and cooling emergencies at the homes of the elderly, ill or disabled.

Our SWAT Team will respond within one hour to heating/cooling emergencies in the homes of people who have registered by calling AM/PM Heating and Cooling. Registration is free, and if emergency repairs are necessary, we will offer a 20% discount and special financing to registered persons.

To register or to get more information about the program click here to see our contact information.